French-English Translation Dictionary and Verbs App Reviews

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Huge improvement!

One of my most used apps just got better. Great work! :-)

Much better but the dictionary is still a bit feeble

Previously it was a very good program to use and it is now very much better and easier to use in every way. Thank you very much. However, like several users, I dont find the dictionary adequate and have to use others from time to time to find synonyms or various words which are not there, otherwise I love it.

New version

I hate the new version, why did you change for such a crapy one. Totally pissef off

Useful for advanced language learners

Improvements Id love to see in coming versions: - The app crashes when you search certain words, its always the same words. Its happened on about 4 different French words for me. (So I dont have to keep a separate list of words not included in the app, so I can search everything in one app) - ability to add new words to the dictionary - ability to add other definitions/translations to words already in the dictionary - ability to add phrases and their translated equivalents - The "switch language" button is a bit too close to the x (clear search field) button - more example usages/phrases such as the ones in real (book) dictionaries (Robert Collins, larousse, etc) - many French expressions are translated into only UK expressions, and I have to then google the expression, itd be great to have US equivalents also - ability to lock the screen orientation within the app (I use this app a lot while reading in bed)

Doesnt work

Please, fix this! When I click in the bar, nothing more works...

After the last update

There is a bug because it does not turn as you turn the ipad.


This is one of the main apps I was excited for and its every bit as good as the desktop version and cheap to boot. With a great verb conjugation dictionary, its also much better than Wedict and well worth the price.

Its not bad but needs bug fixes.

This app looks good but it often crashes with no messages and then you need to restart... Offten is like every 5 min.


Works great so far. No idea what the other complaints are all about. $20 is a bit pricy though.


I used this on a trip to Paris and it was extremely helpful.


its pretty good and all but $20 is pretty steep for this app its good in french class for me so considering ill be using this for at least a yr i guess $20 is somewhat worth it i dont recommend this for a one time kind of use thing tho

Fantastic App

Great app with a nicely implimented verb conjugation feature - with all the tenses (in both languages). Solid value, considering my two daughters are studying French & they (& I ) have this deep resource easily at hand. Next feature request is for a voice synthesizer.


Basically, a dictionary. A very expensive dictionary. Would be better with either a translator or useful phrases included in the price.

Absolutely great!

Very useful dictionary. Translates both ways, conjugates verbs in all tenses and writes numbers in French text format. It saves all history. I use it intensely in my French class n cant live without it now.

Awesome resource

Amazing resource to have in tut pocket. Especially at university level. I didnt buy a 29$ dictionary cause this is soo useful. Excellent resource to have when doing hwk. Only wished the GUI was more responsive to touch when trying to input text In the white textbox. I always have to touch the box 3x for the app to let me type a word.


Good dictionary. Advantages: * Gives you conjugations for all tenses * Gives you expressions * Gives you translations for slang * Doesnt require internet access! Disadvantages: * Should have an update where it gives a whole list of idiomatic expressions - would be more useful! * Should have a pronounciation tool * Price is kind of expensive! If the update(s) above were given, 20$ would be a bargain price! All in all I give this app 4 stars :D Really useful tool in French class! x

I dig it

I bet I use it 40-70x a day... its the most-used app Ive downloaded, by far, and I recommend it to any of the students in my classes who ask about it. Overall, no regrets - although for $20, I think it could have a bit more going for it. I wish it had more memory, to review new words on weekends, and it could really use horizontal keyboard capability. I wish there was a francais-francais version, too. :)

Fix it, please!

I updated the up on 21.05.10 and it crashes before opening everytime! It was excellent before that problem. I had a version of these dictionaries in my Palm and then the advantage was that all the diccionaries I bought would merge allowing to go from one language to the other, and to a third one or a forth one ( for example look for the French word for "sun" and then go from "soleil" to its German word.) Can you had that feature??? It would be awsome for everybody like me who speaks several languages and is imerged in a bilingual culture having a third language as mother tongue.

French English Translation Dictionary by Ultraligua

The conguation aspect of this app is convenient -- it would be very handy for students. Its an adequate french-english dictionary, but not nearly as useful as my Sharp Electronic French-English Dictionary. I think the "translation" part of the title is misleading. For example it doesnt translate phrases.


This is a very basic dictionairy. The price should be $2

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