French-English Translation Dictionary and Verbs App Reviews

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Learning French

I like this app because of the examples for conjugations. However, I purchased this app because I thought that there were sentence examples. I am still learning how to use this app. Perhaps, I havent figured out how to find the examples for sentences.

Stalling solved

Stalling problems noted in previous review have all been resolved in latest update. App works fast and flawlessly. Well done!


Sluggish response and frequent stalling. App is slow to open: a page appears but is unresponsive for up to 30 secs. Identifying Favorites also disables the screen for several seconds—a real inconvenience. The Spanish-English dictionary does not display these problems. Otherwise, the app is a very useful reference.


The app stalls for 15-20 seconds after first loading—totally unresponsive. Not true for the Spanish version, so must be a glitch. Also, marking words as favorites stalls the app for several seconds. Annoying. Otherwise, good.

Trusty tool for years

Use it all the time as I read French newspapers or listen to France Info. The UI has improved over the years and is rather attractive. One quibble is that the app icon looks dated and could be improved upon. (Would be easier to find in my apps if it were more distinctive). The language coverage is quite good in French although it lacks certain slang words. I like the favorites feature too.

Extremely useful

Well worth the price! Much better than even a fairly comprehensive print dictionary and far easier to use. I love it!

Works for me!

I use this mainly as a dictionary to aid me in my French lessons and so far its been really helpful!

Very comprehensive

Ive taken this app with me on several trips to France and fine it very handy. It has idioms, verb conjugations, common word combinations in both English and French.


The word rapprochement appears in the app if you know how to spell it, it is the same word in English and is not a new word. Great app!

Not Current With French In The News

During the end of negotiations with the U.S. and Iran the word "Raprawshmahn" came up however it does not appear in your dictionary! Current events is the language needed. JECIII

Holding out for a new update

ultralingua was probably my most used app, the dictionary was great and accurate and the verb conjugator an absolute god send; unfortunately an update (Ill admit some while ago) removed the conjugator and changed the format of the dictionary. The dictionary is still as accurate, but with an interface I still have trouble using after all this time. Im hoping that they will update the app again and #1 bring back the conjugator (tho changing the dictionary would also be nice). Was definitely worth $20 when I purchased in 2009/10, probably wouldnt purchase for the same price now though.

Struggling student

Absolutely marvelous. Extremely easy to use. I wish it could also pronounce the words.

My most used app

I usually dont write reviews but I had to write one for Ultralingua. I recently moved to a francophone country and this app helps me navigate my intermediate level French in an all-French environment. I would not be able to do my work without it. Terms are super easy to look up and conjugations are super easy to access. I wouldnt ask for anything else of this app!

Serious bug somewhere

Repeatedly crashes. Switching between the dictionary and the the Safari browser seems to do something to damage the dictionary app. Of course switching between the dictionary and other apps is something you do without, so I would not buy this app! A fresh reinstall seems to work OK until I start multasking again, which re-damages the app. It will immediately begin to crash and get progressively worse until its virtually unusable. I see this app hasnt been updated for a year now. Is it still being supported even? Who knows?

Great app, but crashes too often

The Ultralingua team needs to pay attention to this. It is ridiculous and unacceptable that the app should crash when looking up a word. There is mo way to re-look up the word after a crash. This NEEDS to be fixed. I also have the Spanish version and it crashes less often. Please fix this! It is very frustrating.

Seconding: Crashing w/Certain Words

This app was rock-solid until recently. Now, certain words or letters cause it to crash, every single time. Example: Fre-Eng. g a r -> CRASH!


Cette application marche très bien. Je laime beaucoup! Geat app - love it (apart from the occasional crash when searching for some specific words).

Just started crashing

Love this app. It has been a really easy to use and reliable tool in reading and studying French. However, it has just started to crash on entering certain French words. Hopefully this can be fixed soon.


A great translator. Dictionary etc... 99%

New version also a winner

I reviewed version 1.2 back in 2009 and have been using all updates since then. The current version also makes me happy. It’s never let me down.

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